All beings, creatures, and organisms are Magical beings. Creation is a process of Magic, and all products of Magic are innately magic. On Earth, we are made up of cells and molecules. In Aspera, we are made up of magic.

There are those people who are born with different magical gifts--Innate Magic Wielders--that are a direct source of the magic they are made up of. Once they realize they have a gift, if they wish to unlock the knowledge of their abilities, they must seek out someone who knows about Magic. For humans, they would usually go to a Mage who would direct them to books. This is imprecise, though, because books cannot observe the reader and tell him or her what gifts she has. So, if they really want to know their gift so they can develop it, usually the young magic wielder must travel to the Elves, the most magical beings in Aspera. The Elves have a massive library, and have recorded every known manifestation of magical skill. Usually any Elf put in charge of that Library has Magical gifts as well, and for the most part can assist in discovering the truth of the new magic wielder’s magic.

Some people--Summoned Magic Wielders--who dedicate their lives to it, can summon the magic within their bodies, alone or sometimes to combine with another magic. Whether it be via words, or an item, or a magically endowed weapon of some sort, these people can summon the use of their own magic for specific means.

Then, there is everyone else, the majority of beings in the Land, who cannot access their inner magic by any means. These men and women can either remain nobles or commoners, via birth, or dedicate their lives to a non-magical skill.

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