The first Ryun was Human, but magically altered by the eldest Dragon to better be able to protect the Dragons of Cie-Lun. Their bones are hard enough to withstand the impact of a tail swat, their skin is hard enough to withstand the teeth of a Dragon, and thick enough to withstand the flames (though the pain of these attacks is still felt). They look like the Asian peoples of our Earth, except for the scale-like bumps that cover most of their body, a sign of their dragon-skin, as they call it. Ryun are trained from infancy to protect and kill dragons, though their duty is to protect those of Cie-Lun, it is not uncommon for evil dragons to attack the Cie-Lun dens.

The Ryun wear bright, colorful Samurai-like armor, and believe the most honorable way to die is in defense of the dragons that oversee their villages. Once a Ryun turns 200 years old, he is sent to the highest dragon den, and stands to face the oldest Dragon in all of the World. It is here that he must remove a dagger an ornamental box, under the full heat of the Dragon lord. If he can withstand the pain, and emerge the den with dagger in hand, he will be a fully anointed Dragon Guardian. This ritual is known as the Tsunamon.

The Ryun are a highly traditional people, kind and caring, though incredibly secretive. They believe that, in protecting the Dragons, they are protecting all life, and in these beliefs have become very spiritual.

Avg. Life Expectancy- 500-1500 Asperan Years Avg. Height- 5’3” – 6’6” Avg. Weight- 115lbs. – 225lbs. Language- Ryuun

Ability Modifiers: Strength | Excellent
Intelligence | Good
Speed | Good
Agility | Excellent
Magic | Poor

Cities/Regions: Cie-Lun